Our Mental Strength for the Nation tour is almost here!

We will be travelling the country to deliver the highest standard in mental health training. Using our unique psychotherapy approach we will leave your employees with the knowledge need to deal with colleagues suffering from mental health difficulties. Our first stop is Irwin Mitchell and it all kicks of Tuesday 20th of March 2018.

If you would like to find out more information please get in touch!

Leeds Wellbeing Week

Stress Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Week

Tuesday 20th March Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 19th April Thursday 26th April

Tuesday 15th May Thursday 17th May

Men’s Health Week

World Samaritans Awareness Day

Tuesday 12th June Wednesday 14th June

Thursday 19th July Tuesday 24th July

Monday 10th September Thursday 13th September


World Mental Health Day

National Stress Awareness Day

Anger Awareness Week

Wednesday 10th October Wednesday 17th October

Wednesday 7th November Thursday 8th November

Tuesday 5th December Wednesday 6th December

About us

We launched in 2016 in response to the high levels of stress prevalent in the corporate world. Our mission is to mentally strengthen the people that make our business prosper.

The word Chakra translates from ancient Sanskirt, to mean energy point. To us, it is the staff of every business that is the focal point of how the business operates.

We use the best techniques from psychotherapy to improve productivity, performance, focus, decision-making and mental resilience.

People that Perform with Purpose and Passion

We hope you have enjoyed our 30 Days of Mental Strength last month across our social media platforms! This month we will be unpicking the concept of self-care and offering lots of strategies for you to try to make sure those levels of positive energy are continually topped up! After all, Valentine’s Day is not just about showing love to others!

Chakra Corporate Mental Health meets The Swim Specialist! As part of Chakra’s 28 days of Self-Care campaign this month, we have teamed up to discuss how swimming can be a great exercise for self-care. Our aim is to promote positive mental health, by encouraging; self-care, self-love, and self-compassion. Click here if you missed the live stream!

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