Our next Mental Strength Masterclass is on Friday 20th July

How to implement the

Mental Health Core Standards in Sheffield

Our masterclasses provide focused training solutions,  equipping your staff with the knowledge they need to support colleagues experiencing mental health difficulties at the earliest stage. The Sheffield event will focus on how to implement the Mental Health Core Standards in the easiest way for increased productivity.


Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

  • Exploring anxiety and depression including symptoms and treatment
  • Indicators of and interventions for suicidal thoughts
  • Effective communication with mentally unwell colleagues
  • Legalities related to mental ill-health
  • Easy-to-implement wellbeing initiatives
  • Chakra’s Early Intervention and Mental Health Protocols
  • Guest speaker: Berni Mudie from Time to Change
Stress and Anger
  • Manifestation of stress in the brain.
  • Impact of stress on the body.
  • Exploring resilience for long-term impact and effective tools
  • Guest speaker: Carolyn Pearson CEO at Maiden Voyage
  • Practical techniques – holistic bingo with Carolyn Pearson
  • Tools and techniques to use at work for diffusing stress
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Interactive quiz and prize giveaway


Mental Strength for the Nation is our series of mental strength masterclasses that will be delivered across the major cities of the country as the year progresses. Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of mentally unwell staff on workplace productivity and to combat this through the use of therapeutic tools and techniques that can be used to support staff using an early intervention approach.

What’s next? We visit Sheffield on Friday 20th July to discuss the Mental Health Core Standards for every business.

Chakra’s Mental Strength for the Nation Tour is in full swing. We delivered two powerful full-day events around creating mentally healthy workplaces during Leeds Wellbeing Week in March and launched our masterclass series with Leeds Rhinos’ Stevie Ward as our keynote speaker.

Last month we moved on to Manchester for Mental Health Awareness Week and had a great day exploring the most prominent mental health issues affecting workplaces and what support strategies colleagues could use to encourage mentally healthy ways of being for all staff.

On Wednesday 13th June, we visited York. Men’s Health Week last week provided the perfect opportunity to further reduce the stigma around men’s mental health and challenge unhelpful perceptions. We have all heard much about the rates of suicide being significantly higher for men than they are for women and the most recent ONS data reinforces this saddening statistic again, with 75% of people ending their own lives being men and boys. Suicide is the ultimate cost of mental health difficulties and we seek to apply…read more.


SHEFFIELD: Mental Strength for the Nation


The Sheffield event is part of our Mental Strength for the Nation Tour and the content has been tailored to support delegates in implementing the mental health core standards in collaboration with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.

Full or Half-Day Booking Options Available.

Morning 8:30 – 12:45

Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

This experiential masterclass will support delegates in understanding the most prominent areas of mental health that are jeopardising performance as well as the least understood mental health difficulties such as suicide and suicidal thoughts. Our aim is to equip staff with the tools and techniques needed to support colleagues most effectively, understand relevant legislation and help staff to stay in their jobs. The outcomes are a more self-aware and confident workforce with increased productivity and improved retention rates.


Afternoon 12:45 – 16:30

Stress is a known cause of more serious mental health issues and physical health conditions. To help us avoid the consequences of chronic stress, the afternoon slot will explore:

•The manifestation of stress in both the brain and body

•The impact of long-term stress on our physical being

•Consequences of chronic stress

•Personal responses to stress and early intervention

•Destructive behaviours and healthy coping strategies

•Long-term resilient lifestyles and workplace cultures


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It was fantastic to be able to share some tips and coping strategies with everyone in #York last week during @ChakraCorporate's men's #mentalhealth event.

Thanks for the opportunity and the wonderful feedback! 😀

#MensHealthWeek may be over but we won't stop talking about #mensmentalhealth just yet.

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