Our masterclasses provide focused training solutions,  equipping your staff with the knowledge they need to support colleagues experiencing mental health difficulties at the earliest stage. The Sheffield event will focus on how to implement the Mental Health Core Standards in the easiest way for increased productivity.

Morning Session

Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Exploring anxiety and depression including symptoms and treatment

Indicators of and interventions for suicidal thoughts

Effective communication with mentally unwell colleagues

Legalities related to mental ill-health

Easy-to-implement wellbeing initiatives

Chakra’s Early Intervention and Mental Health Protocols

Guest speaker: Berni Mudie from Time to Change

Afternoon Session

Stress Resilience and Anger

Manifestation of stress in the brain

Impact of stress on the body

Exploring resilience for long-term impact and effective tools

Guest speaker: Carolyn Pearson CEO at Maiden Voyage

Practical techniques – holistic bingo with Carolyn Pearson

Tools and techniques to use at work for diffusing stress

Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation

Interactive quiz and prize giveaway




Mental Strength for the Nation is our series of mental strength masterclasses that will be delivered across the major cities of the country as the year progresses. Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of mentally unwell staff on workplace productivity and to combat this through the use of therapeutic tools and techniques that can be used to support staff using an early intervention approach.


Next Event:

Mental health statistics from the National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey Findings 2017 by Business In The Community. How is your own wellbeing strategy shaping up? Further information https://t.co/cwWVDMVq4C #mentalhealth #selfdevelopment #wellbeing #anxiety #depression

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