About Us

Chakra Corporate Mental Strength Ltd is a unique training provider; our programmes are designed to increase the productivity and performance of staff in both a professional and personal capacity.

Our training school uses tools and techniques derived from counselling and psychotherapy and draws upon numerous self-development strategies such as neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. Chakra’s training has been built to increase mental strength and resilience to high levels of stress, using early intervention for increased productivity. Our aim is to destigmatise and increase both the awareness and ability to manage mental health issues in the workplace

In addition, Chakra operates a confidential one-to-one Therapy Lounge for any employee(s) who feel they would benefit from further emotional and mental health support.


Chakra was founded in April 2016 by our Managing Director, Zainah Khan, in response to the experience and observation of high stress levels in corporate working environments. As a qualified psychotherapist, Zainah knows and understands the impact of stress on both our mental and physical being, and is equipped with the right skills to support those in highly-pressurised working situations.

Zainah won Best Business Pitch at the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp in July, 2015 and a Business Advantage Award of £5000 with Lupton Facwett Solicitors and Leeds Beckett University. Zainah’s career began in finance and her experience of supporting people in emotionally difficult situations is broad.

Zainah has emotionally supported victims of crime at all levels with Victim Support, the perpetrators of domestic abuse with the BRAVE Project, students and staff at Leeds Beckett University and Craven College, as well as students aged 11-16 in Academy schools across Leeds and many more roles. Zainah has her own caseload of one-to-one therapy clients that visit Chakra’s therapy lounges in Leeds and Bradford.