Finding Your Way

to Wellbeing

Self-care and self-awareness

Encourage mentally healthy conversation 

Alleviate low mood

Increase productivity 

Practical coping strategies 

 A Practical Guide to Developing

Mentally Healthy Cultures 

Learn to relax and reflect

Diffuse anxious thoughts 

Early intervention approach

Stronger staff relationships 

Therapeutic techniques  



I am a chartered accountant who now focuses on bringing my experiences from my training and time at PwC to the small business communities across Yorkshire. I act as Finance Director for a number of small businesses across Leeds, helping management teams prepare for upcoming transactions. I have recently spoken out about my experiences with mental health through my article called “Breaking the stigma…” and continue to support mental health charities through my life both inside and outside of the workplace. I have struggled with mental health for the majority of my life, from bullying at school and acceptance issues through to imposter-syndrome in the workplace. I am looking forward to speaking openly and honestly about my experiences with the hope of helping others who might also be struggling.



I am a Scale Up Coach at the Leeds NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator. I support entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses by providing a structured programme, and coaching them to take their businesses further, much faster entrepreneurs with insight, coaching and the right people to take businesses much further, much faster. I am very pleased to be participating in the World Mental Health Day event by Chakra and am passionate about the 5 Love Languages, wellbeing and bringing all of yourself to work, including the power of vulnerability. I look forward to sharing my insights on open communication to you on 10th October.


I am the Founder and Managing Director of The Swim Specialist and have made it my mission to help children and adults learn to swim by using fun and specialised teaching methods. I lead a team of 10 swim instructors alongside my core team and am often working under high-pressure as the entrepreneurial life can get pretty demanding! I have taken time to practice a number of wellbeing methods and have introduced the ones that work for me into my daily routine. I look forward to sharing these core activities with you on World Mental Health Day.

“Phenomenally good. I think it would be amazing for the whole of the IoD to experience this learning!” Natalie Sykes

Regional Director, Institute of Directors

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