Mental Health Awareness Week is the biggest event in the Mental Health Calendar and a perfect time to review and catalyst workplace wellbeing initiatives. We were delighted to see a full room of HR Professionals and management staff attend our event hosted by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors during Mental Health Awareness Week in Manchester.

The morning slot covered the most prominent mental health issues affecting businesses including issues of anxiety, depression, psychosis and suicidal thoughts. Crucially, together we considered the most effective practical coping strategies that can alleviate symptoms of mental health issues when working with staff that may be underperforming.

As many of us know, stress can lead to a number of more serious mental health conditions if it is left unmanaged. Our afternoon session involved a breakdown of what exactly stress is, how it is different to pressure and how it manifests itself in our brains and bodies. Stress can be just as harmful to our physical being as it is to our mental health and looking at a number of healthy coping strategies helped our audience to grasp how they might help themselves and others to move to a better place of wellbeing.

The ‘Headteacher turned Hypnotherapist’, Clare Downham took to the stage at the end of the day to share her story of recovery and help us unwind with a relaxing mindfulness meditation.

Nathaniel Birkett is the founder of The Swim Specialist and provided a wonderful talk about The Cookie Jar & #Gratitude https://t.co/XQLaqPWRNC Join us in #Birmingham on 7 Nov to hear more #inspirational words and learn about #mentalhealth Further details https://t.co/45LJBLerNo

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