On Friday 20th July, we delivered another mental strength masterclass with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in Sheffield. The focus was on mental health awareness and interventions, including how we can best communicate with colleagues who are mentally unwell or experiencing emotional distress.

Our first guest speaker of the day was Berni Mudie, Former Head of Account Management at the DWP. Berni shared her story of burnout and how she realised that the recovery of her physical and mental health would take years. Berni explained how she sought support from her employer and although there was an Employee Assistance Programme, the severity of her symptoms outweighed what support the EAP could offer. Long-term therapy and lots of self-care, including time for self, is what aided Berni’s recovery.

Emily Weston, Employment Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, covered the legal aspects of mental health at work with our delegates. Emily addressed the Mental Health Core Standards and the importance of understanding how employees might benefit from reasonable adjustments in the workplace to help them stay in their jobs with full support.

Finally, Maiden-Voyage’s CEO, Carolyn Pearson, shared her personal experience of mental health difficulty and recovery that was experienced at different stages of her life. Carolyn did not have the support she needed from her employer when experiencing stress and anxiety and sought to take control of her own mental health using natural and holistic therapies. Carolyn now uses her ‘holistic bingo’ technique to monitor personal levels of wellbeing daily and the group enjoyed hearing how this can be useful as a reflective exercise every day.

The day closed with a relaxing mindfulness meditation and review of the day’s learning using Kwizzbit, the interactive quiz. Congratulations to Danielle Greaves from the Royal Air Force who bagged a box of summery chocolates as a result of winning Kwizzbit in Sheffield!

A mental health success story! ‘Everton in the Community has helped to pioneer a series of programmes to specifically tackle mental health issues among different groups within the local community’ https://t.co/zbp5rC0WLR This is having such a positive impact on the public!

Come along to our next Mental Strength Masterclass in #Liverpool on Monday 10th September and learn more about these topics. Further information at https://t.co/SbApKq5IDz #mentalhealth #seniorleaders #humanresources #managementtraining #selfdevelopment #wellatwork

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