We Launched In Leeds, Find out what happen

Day 1
Demystifying Mental Health at Work
Tuesday 20th March

Exploring anxiety and depression
Psychosis and suicidal thoughts
Effective communication
Chakra’s Early Intervention and Mental Health Protocols
Guest speakers and personal stories

Day 2
Understanding Stress and Building Resilience
Wednesday 21st March

Manifestation of stress in the brain
Impact of stress on the body
Consequences of long term stress such as adrenal fatigue and burnout
Exploring resilience for long-term impact
Tools and techniques to use at work
Guest speakers and personal stories



Stevie has seen the highs and lows in professional sports as a rugby league player and has experienced his own mental health difficulties with depression in 2014 as well as anxiety. Stevie now proudly directs the Mantality Magazine as an alternative to the online ‘sugar rush’ most millennials experience. Mantality encourages positive mental health for men through expanding comfort zones and inspiring men to live a more comprehensive version of themselves. Hear Stevie share his experiences at our Leeds launch!


Gordon Johnston shares his personal account of mental ill-health with us and what was helpful in his recovery “I ended up working ridiculously long hours and could only sleep through the use of some herbal remedy or something less herbal, to the detriment of my health. This project ran over the Christmas holidays, I worked straight through Christmas, through New Year, didn’t take a break, it went on for a good several months like this.” Gordon has a strong involvement with mental-health charity, Time-to-Change, and will talk us through the most effective supporting strategies, from both a personal and professional perspective.


James Hesling is the managing director of health and fitness firm AllShapeUp who has over 10 years experience within the health and fitness industry. A motivational speaker and endurance athlete, he has set himself the target of breaking the world record for the most miles run on a treadmill in the space of 12 hours on May 31st.

James will take you on his personal journey where he has trained 100s of women through his successful fitness business. Sharing his best hints and tips for how you can stay healthy whilst juggling a busy work and family life, this light-hearted talk will humour you as much as it will inspire you.


Georgina is the Founder of Avantea, a tea company that supplies a wonderful range of teas that are carefully blended and beautifully packaged in the Yorkshire Dales, using only the highest quality ingredients. Georgina has had personal experience of post-traumatic stress-disorder, depression, anxiety and OCD and a number of treatments to support her recovery. Georgina will be sharing her mental-health journey with us and what was helpful and unhelpful in her journey towards positive mental health. Georgina is a great supporter of mental health causes and Avantea regularly supports charity work. One of her recent successes was donating profits to the Recovery Shoe-Box project which offers free boxes containing ‘distress-tolerance support’ in the form of tips, self-care techniques. handmade crafts and lots more to help people with mental-health difficulties feel supported.

“I thought Zainah’s session was great. Your presentation stills and ability to keep a big audience engaged was fantastic. World class training”

Wayne Jackson

Director, ProtectUs Healthcare