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Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Exploring anxiety and depression

Psychosis and suicidal thoughts

Effective communication


Chakra’s Early Intervention and Mental Health Protocols

Guest speakers and personal stories

Afternoon Session

Stress Resilience and Relaxation

Manifestation of stress in the brain

Impact of stress on the body

Consequences of long term stress such as adrenal fatigue and burnout

Exploring resilience for long-term impact

Tools & techniques to use at work

Guest speakers and personal stories



Appearing to be living the dream life and having a great career, Clare Downham progressed rapidly through the primary school leadership ranks to attain her first headship at the age of 39 and moved to her second headship just 4 years later. But the pressure of ‘doing too much’ eventually took its toll causing a period of severe depression and a year off work.

Clare’s story of her journey from a twenty-year career in Education, through a nervous breakdown and into an exciting new vocation as a Hypnotherapist and Wellbeing Teacher will give you an inspirational insight into how something amazing can be born out of a dark period of life especially if you trust that it will.
During her year of healing, Clare sought help from many sources including our amazing NHS and a number of complementary therapists. As well as this, she began seeking out ways to increase her wellbeing and happiness and now has a wealth of knowledge about tools you can use to support your own healing and generally help you feel better every day.


Flo’s research contributes to the National Institute for Health research, supported by the Department for Health. Her study is of health inequalities within the male prison population and an exploration of mental health in prison is core to this; investigating and promoting a therapeutic, educational and rehabilitative culture for prisoners. Flo encourages open communication around mental health and has had personal experience of depression whilst completing her degree. Flo will share this with us how she managed her depression and how her research is reducing the stigma, with a view to eliminating it for good.


Gary is an alumnus of the University of Leeds and Executive Director at Everyday Juice Limited (EJL), a subsidiary company of The University of Sheffield. Working primarily with Higher Education, Further Education, and the NHS, Gary takes his passion and expertise for health and wellbeing to employers big and small, creating remarkable places to work with healthy and happy people. More recently, Gary has started working with organisations in the SME and Private sectors.

Gary practises what he preaches. When he’s not advising organisations on all things health related, he’s in training for a range of personal challenges. A keen cyclist, in December 2014, Gary completed his first Ironman Triathlon in Western Australia, and is currently planning a 1,200-mile cycle ride around Iceland in 2018. When not doing something silly, you can usually find him out on his bike, running, swimming, or picking up something heavy; sometime all at once!

“Great to have so much mental health awareness out there!” Tracey Beever

Malton Secondary School