When we officially launched, way back in April 2016, we had no idea what the coming years would have in store, and now we can’t even think where they have gone!

Today we turn a grand total of TWO years old and are delighted to say that we have changed lots of lives and positively impacted many workplace cultures throughout our journey to-date. From one-to-one therapy, to taster sessions, to long-term training courses and most recently support from a Leeds Rhinos’ rugby legend and the launch of a national tour… it has been an absolute whirlwind so far and despite the rollercoaster ride, I would not change a thing.


Mental Health is Real 

Mental health is real. I have my own story of mental health difficulty and I am certain that many others reading this will have, too. I was fortunate enough to experience the gift of therapy to aid my recovery from trauma and it was this that led me to the immeasurably rewarding and fulfilling career that I am now thrive in.

Recovery from a mental health issue requires vulnerability, courage and most importantly support. The humanness within us needs compassion, safety and understanding in order to heal. Sometimes the desire to ‘feel better’ is overwhelmed by toxic thoughts and feelings that are immensely difficult to ‘switch off’. Fortunately, we are able to implement practical support strategies, introduce effective coping mechanisms and enhance our levels of self-awareness to encourage a healthier way of being.

Improvements in productivity are a natural outcome of mentally healthy workplaces that manifest stronger working relationships, cultures of openness and honesty, greater trust and ultimately mentally strong, energised teams.

The organic and real outcome of this is a workplace where staff want to give more naturally as we are investing in human capital, the adoption of an early intervention approach and a team of people that see their place of work as more than a 9-5; an opportunity for them to present their ‘best self’ and continue to challenge themselves with personal growth and development. We have a duty of care towards our teams and when we take mental health seriously, it brings multiple benefits that are in everyone’s best interests.

Celebrate with us in Manchester 

We are absolutely delighted to have supported many fantastic organisations in building a wellbeing initiative that has seen tangible positive outcomes. With gratitude, it only feels right to celebrate with some giveaways!

To mark us turning TWO we are giving you the opportunity to experience our unique psychotherapy approach to workplace wellbeing. Mental Health Awareness Week is fast approaching. This is the biggest event in the Mental Health Calendar and to mark the occasion, we will be visiting Manchester on May 17th. (link underlined text to event Manchester event page)

We will be delivering a powerful full-day masterclass that explores the impact of mental ill-health on your teams and company, unpicking and exploring what mental health issues like anxiety, depression, psychosis, stress and suicidal thoughts really mean. The day will help you get to grips with relevant legislation and avoid costly claims and importantly, to take away a multitude of practical tools and techniques that can be shared with teams to keep them mentally well.

Win TWO tickets for our Mental Strength for the Nation Tour in Manchester 

We welcome you to join us and in view of us turning TWO, we will be giving away TWO tickets for our Masterclass in Manchester on 17th May, every week before the day itself, starting today!

If you would like to get involved, this one is simple and it takes TWO seconds. Tell us in the comments who you would love to bring with you as a guest and you could both WIN TWO complimentary tickets to our Manchester masterclass at Irwin Mitchell for Mental Health Awareness Week.

We will pick a WINNER at random every week until 17th May. If that is you, you are welcome to bring your chosen one and take advantage of the day, lunch included!

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me directly: zainah@chakracorporate.co.uk or visit us at www.chakracorporate.co.uk