Our Mental Strength for the Nation Tour visits York for Men’s Health Week. Join us to explore and address the most prominent mental health issues affecting men at work and take away a range of practical tools to support your staff. This event includes a special focus on links between anger and stress and how we can diffuse tense working environments with easy stress-relieving strategies.


“It’s okay to be not okay, it really is!” Franky has struggled with his mental health in the past and is an avid supporter of campaigns such as Movember to encourage people to talk about mental health issues and seek support. In particular, Franky is passionate about breaking the stigma around men’s mental health, following horrific statistics that highlight one man around the world loses his life to suicide every single minute of every day. The cause is extremely close to Franky’s heart and we are sure that hearing his story will help us all do a little bit more to reduce the number men taking their own lives.


Ed Simpson is a former police officer who first experienced symptoms of depression after working with the parents of a boy in a mortuary. The former North Yorkshire Police sergeant said the mother’s screaming reaction “completely destroyed” him. Ed’s mental health deteriorated considerably and it was not until four years later that he was diagnosed with depression. Ed supports the Blue Light Campaign, set up by the mental health charity, Mind, in response to research showing that thousands of emergency service workers were struggling with depression and other mental health issues. We have heard Ed’s story when shared with an audience at Mindful Employer, Leeds in 2017 and there was not a single soul in the room who wasn’t moved by it. Do not miss this mindchanging personal account.


Darren Good has become a leading expert on personal safety and conflict resolution in the UK and has delivered training to the public, private and third sectors since 1996 when he set up and founded GoodSense Training. He has delivered personally over 2000 courses and GoodSense Training has delivered more than 10,000 courses. His knowledge in this area is vast and he has studied use of force systems since the age of sixteen. Darren is a Master Practitioner in NLP, and has expertise in coaching to drive behaviour change. He is a member of the Institute of Conflict Resolution (ICM), and works closely with the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) to maintain his evidence based on current legal aspects.
“The presentation was absolutely fantastic.. People do not have to put up with any mistreatment from work, whatsoever. If Zainah could deliver this message to my Exec team, I would be extremely delighted” David Clarkson, COO – Rushlift / Doosan David Clarkson

Chief Operating Officer, Doosan Rushlift